For 25 years now, SUPEERO has been developing and manufacturing products by drawing on a pioneering spirit and taking a passionate, forward-thinking approach. SUPEERO is now synonymous with unrivalled quality and high-class workmanship and achieves the highest standards and values.

The indestructible and non-depreciating material, aluminium, is the cornerstone of the unmistakably minimalistic, timeless design of all SUPEERO products. The first-class SL-Cantilever System and the unique RVS-Composite Frame System form the basis for these versatile and unmistakable entrance gates.

By focussing on the essentials, SUPEERO produces dynamic and versatile System Gates that can be implemented either in a standardised, modular or project-specific manner. The corresponding gate opener series, the intuitive control boards and the wide range of accessories add the ideal finishing touches to this comprehensive portfolio of products.